Northeastern Railway Uniform Straight Bill

Northeastern Railway Uniform Straight Bill

Northeastern Railway Uniform Straight Bill.

Bill of lading are used to record information such as a ship from address, ship to address, carrier information, description of items, weight and more. A bill of lading is a document utilized in the of goods. the document, sometimes abbreviated as or bl, is an agreement between the shipper and the carrier and details the goods contained in the shipment, the recipient and delivery destination.

the form below is a straight bill of lading. Conditions of the uniform domestic straight bill of lading set forth in the national motor freight classification in effect on the date hereof. note maximum liability for loss or damage on this shipment shall not exceed.

per pound unless otherwise agreed to Jul, the uniform bill of lading includes a provision that the carrier is presumed liable for any cargo loss or damage, but that those losses will generally be limited to per pound. per kilogram or the actual value of the goods, whichever is less.

carriers do have some absolute defences. these include, for example, acts of god. A person may transport universal wastes without using a manifest, provided that the uniform bill of lading referenced in section or an alternative form approved by the department, or for small universal waste generators and central accumulation facilities the log requirements of section, are utilized.

for the purposes of administering this. Addendum to uniform household goods bill of lading shipper declaration of value important there are two options available to cover loss damages option actual cash value. this option provides for reimbursement for loss or damage not exceeding three hundred.

dollars per move, based on the depreciated value at the time of the loss or damage. Sep, included in this supplement were silent but drastic changes to the uniform straight bill of lading, straight bill of form and the rules in item regarding bills of lading.

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