Jury Service Duty Payments Excuse Letter

Jury Service Duty Payments Excuse Letter

Jury Service Duty Payments Excuse Letter.

Jury duty, indicate the category on the juror certification form and return same, together with the appropriate documents to support your application for exemption, within five days of receiving the summons. applications for exemption should be returned in the envelope provided.

Pennsylvania law provides that spouses, children, siblings, parents, grandparents and grandchildren of victims of criminal homicide under pa. c. s. a. relating to criminal homicide are exempt or excused from jury duty. please call the office of jury management at Jury service is an obligation which we, as citizens, are required to perform.

nevertheless, the court realizes that there are times when jury service will result in severe undue hardship or extreme inconvenience. if you fall within a category as listed on the reverse of this sheet, you must circle the numbers which apply to contact the jury center if you have any questions please call between the hours of a.

m. and p. m. , press and ask to be transferred to the jury center. for callers outside the u. s and the number is. Jury service resumes in county. juror calls have resumed at arena. if you have received a summons to appear, please click here to enter your number or drivers license and your last name to complete the registration process and receive notices of when and where to appear.

if you are selected to serve on the jury, you will be directed to appear at a courthouse downtown on a. Jun, jurors are expected to report for jury duty no later than am. jurors are required to be present from am until pm, although a lunch break will be provided.

these hours are subject to change if you are selected to serve on a jury trial. court staff Apr, in theory, refusing to show up for jury duty could land a citizen in hot water, with penalties ranging from a fine of to six months in jail. in practice, said, such penalties are rare.

Files a false claim of exemption from jury service. govt code. penalty for defaulting jurors. if you have questions about your jury summons or jury duty, please contact the appropriate court or judge as indicated on the jury summons. Medical exemptions.

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