Block Quote Word Formatting Tips Citing Sources

Block Quote Word Formatting Tips Citing Sources

Block Quote Word Formatting Tips Citing Sources.

On the layout tab, click margins and select normal on all sides. click on the insert tab. type your last name and hit the space bar once. The edition word template is available right at your fingertips. with our software, you can create an word document with just about any version of word from word right up through word and office.

take a look at our software word template menu in a windows an paper using word version. open a new blank document in word. from the home tab click insert, and click on page break to create two pages. select times new roman, point font. words default margins are inch, which is Formatting your paper per.

to format your paper, its best to use or, which you can obtain for free as an student. click here to get it. to set up your paper in word, open up a blank document in word, go to the home tab, scroll slightly to the right, and choose new times roman or point font.

Setting format in word opening word on the word icon. setting up the paper in format. setting the margins on the page go to the page layout tab. click on the small arrow on the bottom right edge of the page setup box. a new window will open. on the margins tab, to add a citation after a quote in your word document, click on the references tab in the ribbon.

in the citations bibliography group, click the arrow next to style. click the style that you want to use for the citation and source. click at the end of the sentence or phrase that you want to cite. click insert citation and then select add new. Format discourages extensive use of content notes.

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